Terms & Conditions


Luggage Express holds the right to refuse items for storage. Reasons for refusal can be related to (extraordinary) size, content or value of the luggage item. Luggage Express holds the right to check the content of items placed at its storage facility.


Users of the storage facility safeguard Luggage Express against any damage which is caused by (the content of) the items placed in storage. Luggage Express will not be held responsible for damage to, or loss of, items with a value above €1.000,-.


For each item placed in storage a receipt is given to the user. To retrieve the luggage item the user hands over this receipt to a staff member of Luggage Express. In case the luggage receipt is lost, Luggage Express will take action to find the item at its earliest convenience, possibly leading to a considerable delay in retrieving the luggage item.


Luggage Express is only liable for any direct damage to or loss of an item in the case of serious negligence of its staff member(s). Indirect and consequential damage is always excluded.


Liability is limited to €1.000,- per item (including content) in any case.


Luggage will be kept for a maximum of 1 month, unless agreed otherwise. After this period Luggage Express holds the right to remove the item without any notice.

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